Hide and Seek, Riddles, and Chocolate Goodies Galore! @ Ethos Roleplay Server

Ethos Roleplay server recently hosted an exciting Easter-themed event on its FiveM GTA Roleplay server. Organized by the IC Wired Events team, the event was a quest for players that started in Legion Square. Participants received a warm welcome and were given baskets filled with goodies to kick off the festivities.

The baskets included everyone’s favorite Easter treats like chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies, Baileys drink, and mini Pop-it. At Ethos, we strive to cater to a diverse range of nationalities, our Easter event was no exception. Also included were hot cross buns (a UK favorite) and marzipan eggs coated with chocolate and sprinkles (a beloved treat in Norway).

As part of the quest, the players were given riddles to solve. These riddles led to various locations where the players engaged in hide-and-seek games. The ultimate prize for the winner of the hide-and-seek game was a rare Fabergé egg worth $20k. Additional golden eggs prizes were being handed out throughout the event, each worth $200.

Gray Busche was the winner of the hide-and-seek game, and the riddles were written by the talented Coco Lay. The Ethos Roleplay team was thrilled with the event’s success and is excited to continue hosting engaging and exciting events for its FiveM GTA Roleplay community.

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